CT LEND Projects Completed

CT LEND Fellows’ Projects 2018-2019

Karen Bassilakis: Service Delivery Models of School Based Speech Language Pathologists in Connecticut
Karen Bassilakis presenting her research.
Chris Blake: Learning the Impact of a Disability on the Person/Child/Family
Chris Blake presenting his research.
Thomas Cosker Jr.: Inclusion in Recreation in CT
Thomas Cosker Jr presenting his research.
Khadijah Cyril: Trends of Implicit Biases about Disabilities among College Students Over the Past Few Years
Khadijah Cyril presenting her research.
Mike Duff: Social Inclusion
Mike Duff presenting his research.
Aniella Fignon: Juveniles with Intellectual Disability in the Justice System
Aniella Fignon presenting her research.
Heather Kwolek: Emergency Responders’ Training in Working with Individuals with Disabilities
Heather Kwolek presenting her research.
Michelle Levine: Educational Assessment and Identification Procedures to Classify Students as Emotionally Disturbed in the State of Connecticut
Michelle Levine presenting her research.
Penni Petzold & Leona Adamczyk: Leadership Training for Parents by PTIs
Penni Petzold and Leona Adamczyk presenting their research.
Erica Scarpati: Early Intervention Specialty Programs in the United States for Children with Hearing Loss and Co-Occurring Disabilities
Erica Scarpati presenting her research.
Natalie Silvia & Michael Figueiredo: Training and Confidence Levels of Interdisciplinary Professional Practice in the Northeast Region of the United
States in Providing Information to Mothers about Congenital Cytomegalovirus

Natalie Silvia & Michael Figueiredo presenting their research.
Danielle U. Stern: Parent Perspective On Involvement And Training At Planning And Placement Team Meetings
Danielle U. Stern presenting her research
Taylor Tarka: Confidence Levels of Recent Graduates in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology in Providing Assessment and Intervention for School-aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Taylor Tarka presenting her research.
Loren B Thompson: Perceived Confidence from Participation in the Connecticut LEND Program
Loren B Thompson presenting her research.
Yair Voliovitch: Parent Stress Prior To An Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Evaluation: A DBPNet Study
Yair Voliovitch presenting his research.
Elena Woodard: Mothers and Substance Use Services
Elena Woodard presenting her research.