Innovative Community of Practice

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UCONN UCEDD was selected to develop state-level innovative practice groups, strategically working across and aligning early childhood sectors, to support parents of young children by leveraging the AUCD network centers and programs to increase workforce capacity for implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based programs for parents of young children who may have behavioral concerns. A secondary goal is to expand the reach of existing resources, such as free CDC materials on child development.

CT is a part of a consortium of states working with the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovation (NCPMI) to increase the use of Pyramid Model practices across the state and country who are encouraging implementation in selected communities, homes, programs and classrooms. CT has a state Leadership Team known as The Connecticut Pyramid Partnership (CPP), to implement Pyramid Practices. Membership includes representatives from: Head Start Training and Technical Assistance, the Head Start Collaboration Office, the University of Connecticut University Center For Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), Higher Education (The University of Hartford faculty), Mental Health Consultation (ECCP), The CT Infant Mental Health Association, the Office of Early Childhood (Quality Improvement Division, QIS),The State Education Resource Center, the State Department of Education (Part B 619), Philanthropy (Hartford Foundation for Public Giving), All Our Kin child care network, Child Care Resource and Referral (United Way of CT).

Through our Family Engagement workgroup, we developed a social story about returning to schools and child care centers under the current COVID 19 pandemic. This story will help families and Early Childhood Teachers share the message about wearing masks and staying safe.

COVID 19 School Social Story – English  School_English_Masks_UCONN COVID Social Story 2020-Final   Spanish Schools with masks_Spanish_UCONN COVID Social Story 2020-Final

Mandarin Schools with masks_Mandarin_UCONN COVID Social Story 2020-Final    

Portuguese Schools with masks_Portugese_UCONN COVID Social Story 2020-Final

COVID 19 Child Care Centers Social Story – English Center Masks_English_UCONN COVID Social Story 2020-Final

Early Childhood Toolkit 

Building Relationships

Building Relationships (Spanish)

Supportive Environments

Supportive Environments (Spanish)

Friendship Skills

Friendship Skills (Spanish)

Emotional Literacy and Problem Solving

Emotional Literacy and Problem Solving (Spanish)

Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventional Supports

Resilience and Young Children


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