CT LEND Trainees 2017-2018

LEND 2017-2018 Projects

LEND students spent the day at the Capitol meeting with Legislators and attending hearings. They prepared presentations on a variety of disability topics, received great feedback from our legislators, and attended an appropriations hearing.

Maria J. Avitia: Differences in Self-Efficacy Between Students with Dyslexia and Those Without After Preforming an Academic vs. Creativity Task
Maria J. Avitia
Maria Avitia Presentation
Shawna Bush: Autism and Substance Use
Shawna Bush
Shawna Bush presentation
Julianne Cappadora: Communication Sciences and Disorders: Early Intervention Education Data Report for New England Julianne Cappadora
Julianne Cappadora presentation
Julia Garrick: Hearing Loss in Early Intervention
Julia Garrick presentation
Molly Leahy and Torri Ann Woodruff: Caregiver Exposure to Alternative and Augmentative Communication for Children with ASD and Limited Verbal Output
Molly Leahy and Torri Ann Woodruff
Molly Leahy and Torri Ann Woodruff presentation
Rosalie Lyons: An Exploration of Disability Training Opportunities in Nationally Accredited Genetic Counseling Programs and the Implications of Disability Training on Reported Student Preparedness in Working With Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families
Rosalie Lyons
Rosalie Lyons presentation
Cassandra Marrero: Cultural Barriers Latino Families Encounter in the Hartford Public School System
Cassandra Marrero
Cassandra Marrero presentation
Meghan Ramsay: Student Led IEPs
Meghan Ramsay
Meghan Ramsay presentations
Melody Rojas: Team Approach Within the Outpatient Clinical Setting?
Melody Rojas
Melody Rojas presentation
Melissa Smith: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith presentation
Katie Straka: Perception of Medical Care After Transition
Katie Straka
Katie Straka presentation
Shannon Wannagot: Listening Environments for Children in Public School Classrooms
Shannon Wannagot
Shannon Wannagot presentation

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