Alexandra Cascio

LEND Trainee

My name is Alexandra Cascio. I am a second year graduate student in UConn’s School Psychology program. In my free time, I enjoy running, jet skiing, playing soccer, singing, spending time with friends, or playing with my adorable puppy! My research interests include emotional well-being, exercise health and academic achievement, grief, social comparison, anger management, augmented and alternative communication, and teacher burnout. I am looking forward to my experience with LEND as I have currently been involved in various research projects focusing on SEB needs and services for students at school and I have also been researching how to improve social and emotional climate and behavioral supports for students. During my practicum experience last Spring I was able to co-facilitate a group for students with Autism and I enjoyed working with and learning from each of them as they each brought their own unique experiences and stories to share during our group meetings. From this experience, I hope to improve in my ability to advocate for students with diverse learning needs as well as increase my knowledge around how to best provide family-centered care as a school psychologist and citizen in my own community.

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