Danielle Stern

LEND Trainees

Danielle Ungar Stern is completing her Masters and Sixth-Year Certificate in School Psychology at the University of Connecticut. With a background in Counseling Psychology and a license in Marital and Family Therapy, Danielle has a worked as a mental health therapist with children, young adults, and families. She has worked in schools and community mental health settings. Danielle’s passion for both psychology and education ultimately led her to her current path in school psychology. As a school psychologist, Danielle’s goal is to help students identify and achieve their goals so that they can lead joyful lives. As a LEND Fellow, Danielle is committed to growing as a responsible educator and an effective advocate for students and families with disabilities. She is deeply aligned with LEND’s commitment to strength-based and family-centered support. Danielle is extremely grateful and excited for her year ahead as a LEND fellow.

Danielle Stern
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