Dimpy Malvania

LEND Trainee

Dimpy is a first-generation immigrant parent trainee. She has twins with multiple disabilities. She is also a life partner of a person with disability. She is a member of Connecticut State Advisory Council for Special Education. She is also an active member of “parent Leaders’ roundtable” of Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center. She has participated in “Newborn Screening Awareness” with PATH in collaboration with CCMC. She was also part of the group that gave feedback on Connie (Connecticut’s official Health Information Exchange, in collaboration with PATH).  She has attended quite a few classes and seminars around advocacy skills. She is an active member of her town’s SEPTA. She is helping families with newly diagnosed children and elementary aged children to navigate and access special education system and related services. She plans to use her time at LEND to gain knowledge of the laws and available services so that she can serve as a better advocate for the community and those who do not have sufficient knowledge and guidance to get the services they need, across span of ages and disabilities.

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