Elizabeth Coleman

LEND Trainee

Elizabeth is a Parent Advocate Trainee who is participating in LEND as a parent to a child with learning disabilities. She has provided 15 years of patient-centered care for individuals with geriatric and dementia disorders. In addition, Elizabeth has experience working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, Cerebral palsy, and SLD/Dyslexia. Elizabeth is a Partners in Policymaking graduate and continues in her advocacy role for individuals with disabilities within the Evaluation and IEP process. Elizabeth is currently interested in the neurodevelopmental and related disabilities studies with a focus in appropriate assessments, services, accommodations/modifications, and inclusive education in the Least Restrictive Environment. She is eager to learn about adapted supports in schools, medical homes, and employment settings through LEND. Elizabeth intends to apply what she learns in Parent Action Team meetings for her daughter and families caring for individuals with disabilities in the community.

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