George LaBoeuf

LEND Trainee

George is a community trainee with a decade of experience working with individuals with disabilities in a variety of roles, including residential counselor, behavior therapist, advocate, and case manager. He works in schools, homes, and communities to serve individuals with disabilities with the aim of increasing independence and improving quality of life. As the chair and member of local advocacy groups, he has provided testimony and participated in lobbying efforts on key legislation in Hartford as well as in Washington, D.C. George also participates as the member of a committee that evaluates programs and services throughout Connecticut. He is currently interested in transition and the continuum of care into adulthood, disability rights and excellence, and family support and empowerment. Through LEND he hopes to learn more about disability epidemiology and develop his research skills while contributing to a community of other like-minded individuals from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds. In the future, he plans to continue working as a social worker and advocate for individuals with disabilities.

George LeBoeuf
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