Haley Danowski

LEND Trainee

Haley is a Doctorate of Audiology, second-year graduate student. Haley earned
her bachelor of science degree at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
in audiology. She sought out training from the LEND program in order to
progress her desire to treat individuals with special needs in an audiological
setting. Haley hopes to bring fresh ideas and more modern experience into a
population of neurodevelopmentally diverse people.

Haley’s experience in the field includes a yearlong capstone project in speech
pathology assistantship, an academic year of specialized counseling for autism,
misphonia, tinnitus, and cochlear implants, co-teaching an introduction to
audiology course to spread awareness for her field, and research on future
audiologist educational opportunities. Haley hopes to represent a culmination of
unique training by applying a wholistic perspective on marginalized populations.

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