Juliet Freedman

LEND Trainee

Juliet Friedman is a first-year master’s student in the Educational Psychology
department pursuing a degree in Special Education. Previously, she received a B.S. in Elementary
and Special Education at the University of Vermont. In the past, Juliet has worked in an
educational enrichment program that served students of lower socioeconomic backgrounds as
well as those who had learning disabilities and trauma. She also worked in a school that served
students ages five to 21 who experienced a range of physical, emotional, and intellectual
disabilities. At this school, she was placed in a classroom with students who needed help
developing self-advocacy skills as well as working on different strategies to help students regulate
their behavior and emotions in stressful situations. Juliet is interested in learning more about the
effects of socioeconomic status and how that plays an integral role in student’s education. She is
also interested in working with students who have ASD and students who are experiencing the
effects of trauma.

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