Madison Barna

LEND Trainee

Madison Barna is a first-year master’s student in UConn’s School Psychology program. She
obtained her B.A. in both Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences from UConn
in 2020. She has worked on research centered around the implementation of Mindfulness-Based
Stressed Reduction in diverse populations. She hopes to continue her research surrounding
mindfulness studies, along with gaining experience involving social-emotional learning and
mental health accessibility for school-age kids. Madison also has a close connection to an
individual with a developmental disability, as one of her family members is on the autism
spectrum. As a result of this, Madison has grown up with a desire to be a strong advocate for
those with disabilities, both inside and outside the education system. She hopes to continue to
work with children with developmental disabilities and high-intensity behavioral needs in the
future in a special education setting.

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