Zain Seyal

LEND Trainee

Zain is a graduate student in Social Work at the University of Connecticut. He received
his Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University previously.
Shortly after graduating with his undergraduate degree, he started working as a Case Manager in
New Haven, Connecticut with a population of adults who had been diagnosed with various
disabilities. Zain also interned at Platt Technical High School in Milford, CT where he worked with
student’s that were borderline autistic. He collaborated with staff to implement a social,
emotional learning curriculum for the High School students. Zain is an active member of his
Mosque where he has taught children and he also developed a student-based organization
dedicated to providing a safe-space for young Muslims. Furthermore, Zain is most interested in
researching south-east Asian/ Middle-Eastern cultural bias in relation to the effect this has on
children and individuals with disabilities. He also hopes to be a catalyst of change in the Muslim
community that closes doors of misconception and fear and opens doors, inviting individuals to
seek help for their mental health and disabilities.

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