Discover Learn Work Transition and Career Training Services


Since 2013, the UCEDD has been providing community training and technical assistance to Discover Learn Work (DLW) Career Training Services, a service of Ability Beyond, Inc., one of our community partner organizations. DLW provides inclusive, community-based transition and career training services to adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum differences, autistic-like presentations, mental health/behavioral challenges, and other developmental disabilities.

The Values Underlying the DLW Project:

  • Employment First because employment leads to other valued life outcomes;
  • ALL can work (and it is always preferable to be paid with benefits) given customized employment and support;
  • Services to the unique individuals served must be grounded in trauma-informed and relationship-based positive behavior supports as well as an understanding of the movement, anxiety, communication, and sensory brain differences in autism;
  • The presumption of competence with recognition of neurodiversity;
  • The celebration of diversity and recognition that one size does not fit all; and
  • Individualized, person-centered career planning building on each participant’s strengths, interests, preferences, and skills.

Discover Learn Work includes:

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