Emergency Preparedness Curriculum


There is a wealth of information for individuals with disabilities to prepare emergency 'kits' but two problems exist. First, that information is not widely available to people with disabilities and, second, contents tend to list what an individual should have on hand or do with little attention paid to how people without access to computers or who cannot read these lists should meet their own needs. The University of Connecticut A.J. Pappanikou Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service received funding from the Council on Developmental Disabilities from 2013-2015 to develop and implement an emergency preparedness curriculum.


During the first year project, UCEDD staff compiled existing emergency information from a variety of sources including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), multiple state agencies, private organizations, and individuals with disabilities and their family members. Project staff also met with others involved in Emergency Management (which includes mitigation, response and recovery in addition to preparedness) many of which were groups that were formed following several severe weather-related disasters in CT over the last decade. It was during one of these meetings that the project was renamed “Prep is Personal: Find the Fridge.”

During the second year of the grant, project staff developed a comprehensive curriculum and related materials that include not only some of 'the basics' about supporting people with disabilities in emergencies but also addresses specific 'how-tos' for people with unique functional and access needs. A number of community based trainings were held in conjunction with the State Independent Living Council. Presentations have also been made to community employers, first responders and municipal emergency management personnel, and individuals with disabilities and their families.

For more information about training, contact Molly Cole, Director of Training at the UConn UCEDD.

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