Real Choice Systems Change


In October 2002 a Real Choice Systems Change grant was awarded to the Connecticut Department of Social Services, and the A.J. Pappanikou Center was selected to administer the grant. The grant was designed to improve the capacity of Connecticut's communities to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families by supporting the development of model communities that fully demonstrate accessible, appropriate, and quality community living opportunities for people with disabilities.


  • The Center collaborated with two other Systems Change grants: the Nursing Home Transition grant and the Connect-to-Work Project.
  • An assessment of the level of inclusion was conducted in 169 towns in CT.
  • Technical and financial assistance was provided to further build capacity in three communities to become models of support for opportunities and choices for people with disabilities across the life span.
  • Forums on community inclusion were held in six different areas of the state.
  • Various reports and publications were completed and disseminated.
  • Fact sheets on accessibility, respectful language, transportation, and media portrayal were completed and disseminated.
Model Community Grant Application

New Haven

Model Community Task Force Minutes and Products