Recruiting CT Part C Service Coordinators for a Study

Participate in the Perception of Service Coordinator Practices and Transition Related Outcomes for Children and Families Study

Service Coordinator Information Sheet
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The A.J. Pappanikou Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) at UConn Health is recruiting Part C (early intervention) Service Coordinators in the state of Connecticut for a research study.

Participation is voluntary and will help to connect Part C Service Coordinator practices to transition related outcomes for children and families making the transition from birth-3 into preschool special education.

Participant Criteria:

  • Current Early Intervention Service Coordinators in the Connecticut Part C Program for a minimum of 1-year
  • Service Coordinators must have completed the Connecticut Service Coordinator training
  • Read and speak in fluent English

Participation includes an interview conducted with a student researcher that will last about 1-2 hours at the convenience of the Service Coordinator. During the interview participants will be asked to discuss two families they have worked with that have experienced the transition from Part C in the last 6 months, one when the transition went well and one when the transition did not go well. In addition, service coordinators will be asked to send a letter and surveys to the families discussed.

The study is being conducted by:

Dr. Mary Beth Bruder, PhD (PI)
Annie George-Puskar, M.A. (student researcher)

This research project was approved by the UConn Health (IRB #18-064-2)

Questions about this study may be directed to the Principal Investigator, Dr. Mary Beth Bruder, at 860-679-1500, or the UConn Health IRB at 860-679-8729.