Course Resources – ECED 1303


CTELDS: Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, CT. Office of Early Childhood
Supporting All Children Using the CT ELDS: A Guide to Domain and Strands; CT. Office of Early Childhood

Nurturing Creativity, Isbell, Rebecka and Yoss Iizawa, Sonia Akiko. NAEYC: Washington 2016 ISBN: 9781938113215 Spotlight on Young
Children and the Creative Arts, edited by Derry Koralek, NAEYC

More Than Painting, Preschool and Kindergarten: Exploring the Wonders of Art, by Sally Moomaw and Brenda Hieronymus.
The Creative Arts: A Process Approach for Teachers and Children, by Linda Carol Edwards

Childcare Exchange, Curriculum: Art, Music, Movement, Drama, A Beginnings Workshop Book


Webinar NAEYC by Dr. Rebecca Isabell and Sonia Yoshizowa,

Community Playthings: Block Play video,


Drew, W. F. and Rankin, B (2004), Promoting Creativity for Life: Using Open-Ended Materials
Neugebauer, Roger, Everyone Can be Creative: Here’s How

Creativity Throughout The Day, Lisa Hansel Young Children, November, 2017

How and Why the Arts Support Language Learning and Cognition, Alida Anderson, Phd.

Creative arts activities for children with special needs by Childcare

Children’s Books

Lucy’s Picture by Nicola Moon Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

What To Do With A Box by Jane Yolen

Not A Box by Antoinette Portis

Not A Stick by Antoinette Portis