Course Resources – ECED 1376


Caring for Our Children (CFOC), Special Collection, Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education Programs

Head Start

Tips for Keeping Children Safe: A Developmental Guide (English) (Spanish)

Child Care Aware

Extension Alliance with the USDA Institute of Food and Agriculture, multiple links about health, safety and nutrition.

NPR Article and ACES questionnaire

State of CT. Child Health Assessment Record

My Plate (Nutritional Information and activities)

Zero to Three: multiple links regarding infant toddler mental health Health and Nutrition information such as the 2 articles listed below and much more. Is Your Baby Hungry or Full?
Responsive Feeding Explained

Toddler Nutrition articles

Rehab Mart (where you can buy assistive devices for feeding)

Adaptive Feeding Devices

Multiple links to a huge variety of screening tools

Head Start: I am Moving, I am Learning

Information on Safety in Home and Community for Parents with Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children (infants and toddlers)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a comprehensive site with resources that are organized by the age of the children and by topic.
The Infants & Toddlers (0-3) site is and the Children (4-11) site is CT Shares

A Pinterest page with healthy, safety and nutrition links…some DAP, some not.

Keeping Children with Disabilities Safe (English) (Spanish)

Finding the right information and learning about the kinds of risks children might face at different ages is often not easy for parents of children with disabilities. Each child is different – and the general recommendations that are available to keep children safe should be tailored to fit your child’s skills and abilities. This site offers steps and suggestions that may be helpful for families and caregivers.
Essentials for Childhood: Violence Prevention

Faces of Child Abuse

The Child and Adult Care Food Program page of the Institute of Child Nutrition
This is a very dense website but well worth exploring as it has a lot of resources for instructors as well as students and parents.

The Food and Allergy Organization


Information from the CDC on violence prevention with a corresponding video

UNICEF How to Feed Your Child With Care. (9 min.) This video can be watched with the sound off to ask students what strategies they see for “feeding with care.”

Lunch at the Nursery | Laser Learning (6 min) (also can be viewed with the sound off)

TED TALK by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Includes and ACES graphic and


Feed To Succeed Podcasts

Multiple Health Podcasts

Webinar: Let’s Eat Together: Responsive Feeding Practices in Early Intervention (90 minutes)

Children’s Books

An annotated list of Picture Books about health, safety and nutrition

A video of Grow Strong: A Book of Healthy Habits