Course Resources – ECED 1389


Koplow, Leslie, 2007, Unsmiling Faces: How Preschools Can Heal, 2nd edition, Teacher’s College Press

Rile, San Juan, Klinkner, Ramminger, 2008, Social & Emotional Development, Connecting Science and Practice in Early Childhood Settings, RedLeaf Press, NAEYC.


1Ct. Office of Early Childhood ELDS

Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations

CDC COVID-19 Parental Resources Kit – Early Childhood Social, Emotional, and Mental Well-being of Young Children during COVID-19

Ages and Stages Questionnaire for Social Emotional Development

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)

Classroom Visuals and Supports

Devereux Center for Resilient Children

Adverse Child Experiences- CDC

Guide to the Domains with strategies for all children, those with special needs and DLL’s


Video from Eastern CT State University: Understanding Challenging Behaviors (potential causes of challenging behaviors)

Special Education Classroom Behavior Management Classroom Tour (Environment, K-2)

Equity in ECE

The Pyramid Model (videos and more)


The Impacts of COVID‑19 on Early Childhood Education: Capturing the Unique Challenges Associated with Remote Teaching and Learning in K‑2

OSEP, IDEAS That Work Functional Behavioral Assessment and Positive Interventions: What Parents Need to Know

DEC Position Statement on Challenging Behaviors

Article Reducing Challenging Behaviors during Transitions

Center for Evidence-based Practice: Young Children with Challenging Behaviors

Teaching Strategies brief article with some specific strategies for avoiding some challenging behaviors.

Multiple links to articles, blogs, books concerning challenging behaviors

Helping young Children Who Have Experienced Trauma: Policies and Strategies for Early Care and Education

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Positive Interventions: What Parents Need to Know



Big Heart Big World – Podcast for young children and families to support social emotional development

How Emotional Development Unfolds Starting At Birth

Children’s Books

When Sophie Gets Really, Really Angry, by Molly Bang

No, David and David Goes to School, by David Shannon

Red, Red, Red, by Polly Dunbar

Hands are not for Hitting by Margaret Agassi
Benny Doesn’t Like to be Hugged, by Zena Elliot
A list of children’s books about aggression and tantrums.