Early Childhood Intervention

Map to Inclusive Child Care


This was a three-year project funded by the Child Care Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The goal of this project was to provide technical assistance to states as they included children with disabilities (from birth through 12) in child care settings, including designing, implementing, and evaluating policies and practices.


  • More than 30 states and territories participated in this project.
  • Each state created a diverse team that included parents, state administrators, early childhood providers, legislators, representatives from Head Start/Early Head Start, representatives from organizations serving children with disabilities, and educational institutions.
  • States developed a successful inclusive child care system through supported strategic planning, the creation of a vision and mission statement, and the receipt of technical assistance.
  • States participated in a National Institute to gain a national perspective.
  • Data reports were created for each year of the project as well as binders for the activities completed in each state.