Health Promotion

Survey of Primary Care Physicians: Serving Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders


The population of adults with ASD is growing in Connecticut and across the nation, yet little is known about this population or the health care services they are receiving; specifically, who is providing health care services for this population. This study focuses on primary care physicians in Connecticut who serve adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The purpose of this study was to assess physician involvement in the care of adults with ASD and to determine health care providers’ need for training and support in serving this population.



  • Researchers collaborated with the CdLS-USA Foundation to develop a survey that would provide information on parents’ experiences with the education system and coordination with the medical system.
  • A survey was sent to over 1500 general practitioners, family practitioners, and internists in the state of Connecticut.
  • Information from the survey is being used to develop training opportunities for medical practitioners in Connecticut.