Tara Lutz

Training Director

University of Connecticut Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Tara Lutz is the training director at the University of Connecticut Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (CT UCEDD) where she also coordinates the Certificate of Interdisciplinary Disability Studies in Public Health. She is an assistant professor in public health sciences at UConn’s School of Medicine. She co-directs and co-precepts two courses for second year medical students on delivering clinical care. She is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES®).
Her areas of interest include disability and public health, health education and health promotion, addressing issues of health equity across different communities, and integrating disability education into public health and health care training programs. She is skilled in curriculum development for public health and medical students that incorporate a health equity framework to describe and address systems-level issues including access and inclusivity.

Tara earned her undergraduate degree from the College of the Holy Cross. She earned her MPH and PhD in public health at UConn under Mary Beth Bruder, CT UCEDD director. She completed the CT LEND program. She holds leadership positions in professional organizations at the state and national level.

She has personal connections to individuals with disabilities.

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