School-Age and Post-Secondary

A Family Guide to Postsecondary Transition


This virtual, multi-session program is for families and other caregivers to gain knowledge about current thinking and evidence-based practices in order to play an active role in their adolescent’s or young adult’s transition from school-based services to adult life.

Knowledge and skills gained will enable participants, in partnership with their students as much as possible, to learn about many newer options to self-determine what a good life in welcoming inclusive communities means to them and to be able to advocate for the right supports their student needs to achieve that good life.

A major product will be a Transition Portfolio for their student that reflects person-centered, strengths-based, and creative thinking about realistically possible valued life outcomes in adulthood regardless of the nature or severity of their student’s disability. The tried-and-true presumption is that a very good life is possible when the right supports are in place.

The portfolio can be used to:

  1. Plan for transition that includes many different types of supports,
  2. Take a lead role in putting needed supports in place prior to the youth or young adult’s exit from school-based programs,
  3. Incorporate adult services as needed.

The program includes 11 modules. Each module is self-paced or asynchronous. Each module should take 1 hour to complete. Participants can take modules according to their own schedule. Participants can also go back and review previous modules. A Certificate of Completion will be available upon completion of the program.



  •  Orientation
  • Introduction, setting the stage
  • IEP and School-Funded Supports
  • Social Capital
  • Employment First
  • Housing and Daily Life
  • College and Postsecondary Education
  • Healthy Living
  • Legal Matters, Citizenship and Advocacy
  • Financial Matters and Eligibility
  • Supports for Family Unit
  • Tying it all together



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