School-Age and Post-Secondary

Disability Awareness at the University of Connecticut, Storrs


The University of Connecticut's A.J. Pappanikou Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Services commissioned the Center for Survey Research and Analysis at the University of Connecticut to conduct a study of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty at the University of Connecticut. The purpose of this project was to assess current awareness of disability issues and the impact on student and faculty interactions with students with disabilities. The study sought to better understand the attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty at the University of Connecticut regarding disability-related issues and to provide recommendations to make the campus more hospitable for all students, particularly those with disabilities.


  • Two studies were completed to gather information on disability awareness. Intercept interviews were conducted with undergraduate students on the University's campus and faculty and graduate students were sent an internet survey.
  • Surveys were developed collaboratively by the Center for Disabilities and the Center for Survey Research and Analysis and included questions in the following three areas: (1) interactions with people with disabilities, (2) disability-related issues, and (3) how well the community/classroom treats and provides for students with disabilities.
  • Data reports and a PowerPoint presentation with recommendations for improving the campus for people with disabilities were completed and disseminated.