Vaccine Uptake Modules


Title Source Curriculum details Link
MI 101: Motivational interviewing for vaccine hesitancy AUCD Prepared4ALL ·       Lesson 1: Defining motivational interviewing

·       Lesson 2: The spirit of motivational interviewing

·       Lesson 3: The OARS of motivational interviewing

·       Lesson 4: Adapting MI for people with disabilities

·       Lesson 5: Motivational Interviewing in action—addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

·       Lesson 6: Conclusion

The challenge of vaccine hesitancy in the COVID pandemic Public Health Training Center Region 2 Learning Objectives

·       Describe the continuum of vaccine acceptance and hesitancy

·       Identify the concerns that underlie hesitancy toward vaccination in general and COVID vaccination in particular

·       Critique different approaches for achieving high uptake of COVID vaccines

Making the vaccine process accessible: Understanding legal rights and reducing trauma in Montana Project ALIVE (Accessible life-saving integrated vaccine equity) Objectives

·       Some of the legal rights of disabled people during the vaccination process

·       The Vaccine Site Checklist

·       Ways to reduce trauma for disabled vaccine recipients

Navigating vaccine hesitancy for Montana Centers for Independent Living Project ALIVE (Accessible life-saving integrated vaccine equity) Objectives

·       Understand some causes of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and how to respond

·       Identify barriers to accessing COVID-19 vaccines (primary series and booster) and know how to respond