CT Leadership Academy in Early Childhood Intervention

The goal of the CT Leadership Academy is to create leaders in early childhood intervention who will provide innovation and sustained leadership to the CT Part C and Part B (619) system under IDEA. The content of the program focuses on competencies that are illustrated by speakers and learning activities. Participants will complete a capstone project resulting in a systems change in early childhood intervention.

The core competencies for the program are:

      1.0 Foundational Leadership  
                        1.1 Self Knowledge
                        1.2 Ethics and Professionalism
                        1.3 Leading Others
      2.0 Operational Leadership  
                        2.1 Laws, Regulations, and Policy  
                        2.2 Early Learning and Pedagogy
                       2.3 Part C and/or Part B (619) Program Management
      3.0 Strategic Leadership  
                        3.1 Communication and Collaboration
                        3.2 Strategic Thinking and Planning
                        3.3 Systems Change

Meet Cohort 3

Kendra Brown

Laura Carlisle

Cara Faucher

Julie Lazzaris

Tina McGoldrick

Jennifer Miklautsch

Kerri Payne

Brooke Pelli

Patricia Slater

Corrine Sieser

Kaitlyn Synnott

Gina Szabo

Jennifer Theriault

Benjamin Tomascak

Kristen Urban

Elizabeth Wilke