Course Resources – ECED 1515


Joint Position Statement of DEC and NAEYC

Diagnosis vs. Disability Category: Defining Eligibility

Defining Moments New NAEYC Guidance on Including All Children:

Policy Statement of Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs:

Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8

Including Children with Special Needs: Is Your Program Ready, Amy Watson and Rebecca McCathren

Preparing Young Children for the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities Into the Classroom:

Every Child Belongs: Welcoming a Child with a Disability:

Paving the Way to Kindergarten for Young Children with Disabilities, Amanda Fenlon

Art Activities for All: Adapting Art Projects, Materials and Methods for Students with Disabilities:

Universal Design for Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom

NAEYC articles on Family Engagement:

Becoming a Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Educator: A Tool to Support Reflection by Teachers Embarking on the Anti-Bias Journey:

Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool Special Education Services:

Pick a Book, Any Book: Using Children’s Books to Support Positive Attitudes Toward Peers with Disabilities:

The IEP Guide

Challenging Common Myths About Young Early Language Learners

Supporting Young Children’s IEP Goals In Inclusive Settings Through Embedded Learning Opportunities, Horn, E., Lieber, J., Li, S. M., Sandall,
S., & Schwartz, I. (2000). Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 20, 208–223.


Office of Early Childhood of CT -Resources for ECE:

Building Meaningful Curriculum

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Supporting All Children Using the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards- Dual Language Learner

Supporting the needs of Diverse Learners

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Head Start, Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center: Children with Disabilities:

Milestones in Action Photo Video Library

Results Matter Video Library

Connect Module5 Assistive Technology

Standards, Instruction and Assessment - Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS), DOTS, videos and all resources Guide to the Domains with strategies for all children, those with special needs and DLL’s

Head Start Center for Inclusion

Children’s Books

25 Amazing Inclusion Books for Children

20 Best Books to Celebrate Diversity