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3 Adult Learning Theories Every E-Learning Designer Must Know. Retrieved 6/29/2019 from

Zeeman, A. (2017). Senge’s Five Disciplines of Learning Organizations. Retrieved [insert date] from ToolsHero:

22 Powerful Closure Activities

The Beginning and End of Class

Transformative Learning (Jack Mezirow)

Brookfield’s Four Lenses: Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher

Coaching for Change: Giving Feedback (article with imbedded videos)

21 Formative Assessment Tools

Malcolm Knowles, Informal Adult Education, self-direction and Andragogy

Andragogy and Vella’s 12 principles

Getting to Know your Learners - Shift


The Kolb Learning Style Inventory

California State, LA website

Meyers Briggs and teaching

Characteristics of Adult Learners

Kolb’s Learning Cycle, Simple Psychology

Malcolm Knowles’s Self-Diagnostic Rating Scale Competencies for the Role of Adult Educator/Trainer.

Skillful Facilitation and Coaching

Why Storytelling is such a powerful teaching tool

Telling stories: How Leaders Can Influence, Teach, and Inspire

You’re Not Too Old to Learn That

Growth Mindset

How to Captivate and Motivate Adult Learners:

Why inspirational quotes motivate us.

Building a Positive Learning Environment

Seating arrangements.

Brain-based Strategies

4 Strategies. Make sure to watch the slide show under #4 Analogies.

9 Reasons Why Games with Adult Learners are a Must

5 Strategies for Coaching

Framework for Reflective Questioning

Does It Make a Difference: Evaluating Professional Development

Four Levels of Learning: The Kirkpatrick Model


The secret structure of great talks

3 Minute Kolb

The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

The Myth of Learning Styles

Getting Better at teaching and training.

Formative vs. Summative vs. Diagnostic Assessment

Fifth Discipline in 3 minutes


The difference between coaching and mentoring:

A more detailed look at the GROW model:

The Coaching Process (The Hartford Foundation)
a PowerPoint presentation on the basic brain structure and a very basic understanding of How the Adult Brain Learns

TED Talk on Brain Plasticity

The Art of Metaphor

How the Adult Brain Learns

Creating an Innovative Learning Environment - PowerPoint but mostly audio

Life After Death by PowerPoint

Advanced Questioning Strategies

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Asking Questions Effectively

Children’s Books