Early Childhood Intervention

Connecticut Birth to Three System Evaluation Project


A multi-faceted, multi-year evaluation of the Connecticut Birth to Three System was undertaken at the request of the state legislature in order to explore the costs, service delivery, and outcomes of Birth to Three services. The project was conducted under contract and direction of the lead agency, Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation. Four interrelated studies explored the following issues: (a) what is the relationship between costs and child/family services; (b) is there a relationship between service frequency and intensity and child development and family profile; (c) are families benefiting from Birth to Three services; and (d) what are effective services as identified through the early intervention literature and documented by families and providers.


  • Studies were completed including a time study looking at the various tasks done by providers and administrators in Birth to Three each day; surveys, interviews and focus groups with families in the early intervention system; and an analysis of IFSP documents for children participating in early intervention.
  • Summary reports were completed for each year of the study as well as an executive summary.
  • Results of the study as well as recommendations were presented to Birth to Three managers and the Interagency Coordinating Council.