Early Childhood Intervention

Center to Inform Personnel Preparation Policy and Practice in Early Intervention and Preschool Education


The Center to Inform Personnel Preparation was a five-year project funded by the Office of Special Education Programs in 2003. The purpose of the Center was to collect, synthesize and analyze information related to (a) certification and licensure requirements for personnel working with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who have special needs and their families, (b) the quality of training programs that prepare these professionals, and (c) the supply and demand of professionals representing all disciplines who provide both ECSE and EI services.


  • Ten different studies were completed including surveys and interviews of Part C and 619 coordinators, parents, higher education personnel, and EI and ECSE service providers and administrators.
  • Various "think tanks" were held to devise policy recommendations related to higher education, leadership, and credentialing in early intervention and early childhood special education.
  • Data reports and At a Glances were completed for each study.
  • Two articles were published in a well-known early childhood journal, Infants and Young Children.


Study VIII: Alignment of Early Childhood Special Education Higher Education Curricula with National Personnel Standards


Interview with Cristina Mogro-Wilson, Research Director, December 2008

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