Leadership and Community Support

Plan for the Achievement of Transportation Coordination in Human Services Grant (PATHS)


The purpose of this project, funded by the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities, was to increase the state's capacity to serve the transportation needs of people with disabilities. The project was designed to help create a responsive, comprehensive and coordinated community transportation system for people with disabilities.


  • Seven regional forums were held for consumers with disabilities who use public transportation in order to identify gaps and barriers, as well as what works for public transportation.
  • Four priorities for action emerged from these forums: (1) community access, (2) collaboration, (3) education and training, and (4) safety.
  • A train-the-trainer workshop was conducted on disability awareness and safety to teach people with disabilities to train bus drivers and other transportation personnel.
  • The Center assisted people with disabilities to participate in the community planning process of the statewide Transportation Improvement Program. This program was funded by the Federal Transit Administration to improve transportation of older adults (60+), people with disabilities, and individuals with low incomes. People with disabilities participated in meetings and provided input on draft plans.
  • The project partnered with the Connecticut Department of Transportation's United We Ride initiative to help ensure the participation of people with disabilities in the development of a state action plan.
  • Summaries of each forum were completed and disseminated.
  • A comprehensive summary which included recommendations was completed and disseminated.