Lakeesha Brown

What is your job title or affiliation with the UCEDD? 

Vice President of Human Resources

What is the last piece of advocacy you worked on? 

My appointment on the Town of Farmington’s Human Relations Commission involves advocacy for citizens experiencing issues related to their disability, race, ethnicity and any other protected status.

Why do you think advocacy is important? 

There is a saying, “see a need- fill a need” and that is what advocacy is to me. It takes advocates and allies to amplify the voices of those that need to be heard and to be the voice for those that cannot speak.

Why do you think the UCEDD is important? 

As a mother of a child on the autism spectrum I am reminded often how important the work of organizations like UCEDD really is. Twenty years ago my daughter would not have access to the same resources that she does now. UCEDD is a driving force in providing pathways to success for individuals with disabilities allowing our children to have more positive outcomes and better quality of life.

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