School-Age and Post-Secondary

Juvenile Justice Project


The purpose of this project was to investigate the collaboration between Connecticut's juvenile justice system and public schools from the perspective of probation officers. The goals of the project were to (a) evaluate the current state of collaboration between Connecticut's juvenile justice and public school systems, (b) determine whether the juvenile system is adequately and appropriately trained in disabilities and make recommendations for future directions accordingly, (c) report probation officer recommendations regarding ways to improve disabilities training and collaboration between the Connecticut juvenile justice system and the public schools, (d) assess the quality of resources and services delivered to youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system, and (e) analyze and disseminate findings.


  • Data was collected through an electronic survey completed by juvenile probation officers.

  • Findings were documented in a statistical data report which provided insight into recommendations for improving the information interchange, evaluative protocols, and collaboration between these institutions.

  • A PowerPoint presentation was developed.