Month: September 2023

Health Care Challenges for People with Developmental Disabilities

FALL 2023 Health Care Challenges for People with Developmental Disabilities Speaker series
The Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities, UConn Center for Excellence in
Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) and CT Health Policy Project are inviting you to virtually attend
a series of sessions for leaders and decision makers to examine barriers to health care for those
with developmental and related disabilities. The purpose of these sessions is to collectively develop
recommendations to address these health care inequities.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 | 1:00pm

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Access to Healthcare for People with Disabilities Forum


Public Health Committee and Human Services Committees Joint Informational Forum
Access to Health Care for Persons with Disabilities
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
1:00 PM in Room 2C of the LOB and Zoom and YouTube Live
1:00-1:05pm Opening Remarks
1:05-1:35pm Advocates & Consumers
• Ruth Grobe, Secretary, Citizen Coalition for Equal Access
• Dr. Lisa Iezzoni, Harvard Medical School
• Dr. Cindy Miller
• Andrew Bate
• Valerie Rumpf
• Mary Beth Bruder, Director, UCEDD
1:35-1:45pm Connecticut Association of the Deaf
• Luisa Gasco Soboleski, President
• Dr. Harvey Corson, Chair, Education and Legislative Committee
1:45-1:50pm Connecticut State Medical Society
• Robert Russo, Chief Medical Officer
1:50-1:55pm Connecticut Hospital Association
• Karen Buckley, Vice President, Advocacy
• Brian Cournoyer, Director, Government Relations
• Jennifer Cox, Outside Counsel
1:55-2:00pm Radiological Society of Connecticut
• Carla Brathwaite, MS, American College of Radiology
2:00-2:05pm Presentation on Disability-Friendly Services at Medical Facilities
• Raisa Khaled, Intern, Sen. Saud Anwar
2:05-2:35pm Connecticut Council on Development Disabilities
• Walter Glomb, Executive Director
Department of Aging and Disability Services
• Amy Porter, Commissioner
• Suzette DeBeatham-Brown, Deputy Commissioner
• Jennifer Proto, Legislative and Administrative Advisor
Department of Public Health
• Dr. Jody Terranova, Deputy Commissioner
• Barbara Cass, RN, Branch Chief, Healthcare Quality and Safety
Department of Social Services
• Andrea Barton Reeves, Commissioner
• Donna Balaski, DMD, Division of Health Services
Office of Health Strategy
• Cindy Dubuque-Gallo, Legislative Liaison
Office of Policy and Management
• Zani Imetovski, Legislative Associate
2:35-2:55pm Q & A Session
2:55-3:00pm Closing Statements