Month: May 2024

Denzel Closs Awarded Goodwin University’s Community Service Award

A big congratulations to Denzel Closs, our summer intern and LEND Trainee, for receiving Goodwin University’s Community Service Award! The Community Service Award is presented to a student in recognition of their support of the mission of Goodwin University through dedication to community service.

The following words were said about Denzel by the presenter of the Community Service Award:

“While challenges can be daunting, individuals like our very own remind us that embracing our differences can lead to profound moments of self-discovery and validation. His work with the AFC provides a safe space for autistic youth and their families, where they feel valued, seen and supported. His journey inspires us to celebrate our differences, embrace our strengths, and create a world that values and uplifts all individuals. Our entire team is proud to recognize Denzel and all his hard work”

Way to go Denzel, we’re proud of you!

UConn UCEDD at the 9th Annual Connecticut Secondary Transition Symposium

On Friday May 10, 2024, we were honored to be a part of the 9th Annual Connecticut Secondary Transition Symposium. Our Consumer Advisory Council Co-Chair, Emily Ball, was featured in a breakout session, speaking about “Live Your Best Life: Planning your Future and Developing Your Vision for a Great Life.” Thank you to the State Education Resource Center (SERC), Connecticut State Department of Education, and Regional Educational Service Center for hosting such a wonderful event!

Celebrating National Volunteer Month

Picture of Michael Deckers

We concluded National Volunteer Month by asking Michael Deckers, our front office staff and volunteer at the UConn Health Information Desk, what volunteering means to him. Michael has been volunteering for over 20 years.

“I enjoy giving back,” he says. “When you’re volunteering, you’re helping someone and not expecting to receive anything. I do it out of kindness.” He offers an example of a time he helped someone in need while volunteering at UConn Health: “One time at the hospital I helped a woman get home after not having her cellphone set up and being unable to contact anyone. Two hours later after helping her set up her phone, she was able to go home. She was so thankful, it was so rewarding to help somebody in need.”

Thank you to Michael and all volunteers for offering their help everyday! Although it is no longer National Volunteer Month, we continue to celebrate and extend our gratitude to volunteers year-round!